Here’s a few kind words people have had to say about Find Your Happy, plus a few bonus pics of Find Your Happy baskets in situ:

To Fiona Robinson - Neon & Natural #1, 9 from 10“I can’t believe that Etsy is such a great place for people like you who create such amazingly unique pieces for people like me who have kind of quirky tastes. I really appreciate the time and hours you have put into these pieces and just love artists like you. Thanks again for your awesome art”


“Thanks so mucFind Your Happy - Lloyd told Georgeh for my basket – I absolutely love them! Loved the way it was packaged – nice touch. Thanks again, I will treasure them”

– Kerrie



Find YFind Your Happy - Seth _ Basketour Happy ‘Waste Paper Basket’ in studio from Instagram

– Seth




Find Your Happy - Waste Paper“I have my basket and I absolutely love it. Goodluck with your business, its a fantastic idea. I applaud you for being so creative”


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