Megan Geckler

Megan Geckler, a site specific installation artist from the US recently caught my eye with her superb neon installations.

The vibrancy and colour of her installs jumped off my screen, and my instant association with the materials led to me explore her work further.

Not only does Megan have a superb understanding of colour and space, but she works in an architectural framework. Generating her works within existing spaces, they can sometimes take days or weeks to install.

Megan self defines her work as somewhere between art and design, a place many creatives can find themselves. When speaking of her installations Megan states – “The site-specific architectural installations are assembled from thousands of strands of flagging tape, a colorful plastic ribbon utilized by surveyors to demarcate space on construction sites”.

I’m drawn to her use of found materials and the linear structure of her installs. What I also find interesting about Megan is her work in the commercial space for clients such as Nike & Target – check out the installs here.

To find out more about Megan’s work visit http://megangeckler.com

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