Zulu Baskets

Up until now I’ve been working on a small to medium scale with my basketry work. A recent commission has pushed me out of this realm into the world of upscaling, and I have to say it’s been a lot of fun.

One of the biggest challenges I’m finding though is sourcing rope on the scale required to go big. However, I will keep digging determined to find the right material, or at worst learn how to make my own rope!

I came across this image recently of a tightly woven large scale Zulu Basket. I like this size. The hand woven African basket pictured is a true art form – functional, beautiful and decorative, as well as a testament to the fine weaving skills of the Zulu people.

If I can make baskets on this scale and carry them as per the woman pictured I would be very happy.

Photo: Trip Down Memory Lane

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