Well I have been quiet on the post front of the late, but I promise it with lots of good reason!

I’ve been busy working away on a recent commission for a series of baskets to be used on a high-end yacht. The brief –  a series of baskets to compliment the modern and simplistic décor of the yacht and the owners love colour, while being durable to withstand both water and sunshine.

The client endeavours to support small businesses that are recycling/upcycling. Find Your Happy ticked all the boxes for them, and I was lucky enough to be able to create eight large baskets to use on board to hold shoes, towels and products for guests.

The accepted designs were an extension of my previous ‘Hot & Cold’ series. The work in progress photos above give you an idea of the size and colour of the custom baskets. It was a very fun job to create these bold blue and red vessels.

The baskets are now safely on their way to their new home on the boat. I’m very much looking forward to seeing the photos of the baskets in-situ!

Photo: All photos by Find Your Happy

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