Orange Verandah Markets 

I’ve recently become involved in a local project called the Orange Verandah Markets. Currently held monthly at Byng St Local Store, the concept involves giving local artists and designers the opportunity to showcase their wares to the community.

As I mentioned in a previous post, there are a number of local women I’ve been fortunate to connect with who have started their own creative business. A number of these ladies also exhibit their pieces at the markets including Postpress, Amelia Herbertson Art, Pep & Poni, Whimsy Mileu, GGUp, and Madeline Young Fine Arts.

The next markets are to be held in conjunction with FOOD Week on 14 April, 21 April & 28 April 2013. These will be the final markets for the season before everyone in town hibernates for the winter, returning again in Spring with the finer weather.

Be sure to check out the markets if you’re in town!

Photos (clockwise): Jewellery from Whimsy Mileu, Jewellery from Pep & Poni with Baskets from Find Your Happy, plus Prints from Amelia Herbertson Art

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