One Year in the Country...

A few weeks back it clicked over 1 year since we made the move to the country, and our new home in Orange.

At the time I had mixed feelings about the milestone and wasn’t sure if it was to be celebrated or denied… Hence why it went by with no public recognition of the fact.

However, on reflection I’m feeling very humbled and even lucky to be in Orange. Over the last 12 months I have been very fortunate to connect with a number of like-minded people, both online and in person.

In this time, I’ve found a number of inspirational women locally who have started up their own business or work creatively. These ladies have been wonderful companions, with many coffees and cakes, and stories shared.

In addition, I have formed relationships with many people online who like me use the Internet to reach a wider audience outside of their locale. These guys provide me with daily motivation and inspiration to keep forging ahead.

I’ve never actually and honestly reflected on my chosen name for this little venture – Find Your Happy. When I started making baskets again the name came to me with no logic or reason. I thought it was cute, I could say it with a funny voice, and Find Your Happy was born.

A year in, it makes complete sense and the name of my business obviously taps into how I was feeling 12 months ago. I was in a new environment, out of my comfort zone and about to embark on an unknown adventure by starting my own business. Now, everyone probably read between the lines and worked this out 12 months ago but self realisation is a funny game…

Thanks to everyone for joining me over the last year, and here’s to many more years of creativity to come!

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