Why Basketry?

As part of an interview I had for Find Your Happy last week I was asked the question, “Why basketry?”

I actually hadn’t been asked this before and had never properly considered the answer. So here goes… for my own benefit more than anyone elses 🙂

I think I was originally drawn to basketry as a mediative process more than anything else.

The process can be very repititive. Once I begin a basket I find I easily get lost in it’s form and the stitching mechanism. Given I’ve been working with the coiling technique for awhile, my fingers are now natually accustomed to the mechanics and shaping the form as I go.

It really doesn’t require much thought… and I think that’s why I keep it up.

I find it very different to other textile design techniques. Repeat pattern printing requires so much concentration and correct execution – often too much detail for my short attention span. Natural Dyeing involves leaving it to the process of the pot – it does hold an element of suprise but doesn’t allow me to get as hands on as I’d like. While Loom Weaving requires way too much set up – I find myself bored with the technical aspects before I can even thread my first weft.

So then it leaves basketry – simple, accessible, uncomplicated – just the way I like it.

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