Looking at my Instragram pics over the past few weeks I realised this little snapshot pretty much sums me up at the moment.

From left to right, top to bottom:

  • Ancient Fossils – since moving to the country we have had a whole new region to explore and attractions to visit. We recently visited the Age of Fishes museum in Canowindra. I was engrossed in the wonderful textures of the many fossils.
  • Cloud Porn – the brilliant skyscapes in Central West New South Wales never fail to impress me. These pics were taken during an early morning wander at dawn.
  • Tin Sheds – this has to be one of my all time favourite subjects to photograph. Lines and texture make me happy, and I find both of those things in corrugated iron. Sheds all over the country provide endless material for me to explore.
  • Wooden Floorboards – we are currently renovating our house, the floorboards have been sanded and polished. I’m always pleased when one job is finished but it does mean another job is only just around the corner…
  • Basketry – a little shot of one of my yellow rope baskets from the series ‘Roped in Neon’.
  • Upcycled Paint Chips – here is a garland I made from upcycled paint chips collected from the local hardware store. They are a perfect fit for an ombre string project.
  • Sweet Burger – since moving to Orange we’ve had the pleasure of exploring all the beautiful restaurants in town. This pictured treat was a fantastic dessert from the restaurant 1870. Yep every single ingredient was sweet. It was amazing.
  • Wine Stain – I do love indulging in a glass of red every now and then.
  • Creative Doodling – my work notepads are filled with my sketches and doodling. I swear it helps my thought processes…
  • Bottled Art – well we all know about my obsession with vessels and this is just another few pics to prove it!

What do your Instagram pics say about you?

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