Today, I thought I’d share with you a little artist crush I have on a designer out of New York called Doug Johnston.
In his series Sash Cord Studies, Doug works with the traditional basketry technique of coiling. His flexible but sturdy baskets are made from rows of white cotton cord or rope, stitched together with different colors of thread, using a vintage Singer sewing machine. It’s similiar to the technique I utilise for my baskets, however I’m hand stitching and would love to learn how to use the sewing machine!

His play on form, and his modern take on this traditional method makes his work a pleasure to explore. I’m drawn to the muted tones of the series and the irregularity of each basket.

Doug has an interesting background which spans architecture, art, design and music, utilising and exploring a variety of mediums and methods including installation, sculpture, photography, performance and video.
Doug uses his Sash Cord Studies as experimentations for his larger scale works Rumpleskillskid. Check out more of Doug’s work via his website here.
These baskets make me very happy…

Photos: Michael Popp

2 thoughts on “Artist Love: Doug Johnston

  1. I would love to know too! An artist can't divulge all his tricks I guess 🙂 Doug's pieces are absolutely beautiful, glad you like them too. Thanks for your lovely comments about my work & Etsy hits!

  2. How does he do it with a sewing machine? The logistics of it? Really these are special, so are your works and I do like the hand made nature of sewing by hand. Congrats on your etsy hits!

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