Last week I suddenly witnessed thousands and thousands of hits to my Etsy shop. They were jumping up in hundred increments by the second. I thought I was seeing things or the numbers were mistaken…

With a little bit of research I found the above ‘Waste Paper Basket’ had been featured on the Etsy US Facebook page and my work exposed to close to a million people.

My first response was oh crap what have I done. Then there was a bubble of excitement that started in my stomach and spread all over. I may have done a little dance, I may of squealed a little, and I may have hugged my husband a little too hard.

The talk and excitement around my designs has continued into this week. With my little baskets profiled on even more blogs and featured in the most beautiful treasuries on Etsy.

It was truly wonderful to be picked up by Etsy and have my work recognised in this way. The bounce in my basketry step has just got a whole look bigger.

A big warm welcome to all of my new readers and friends on Etsy. I look forward to sharing lots of wonderful new projects currently in the mix!

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