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Well this week has been a little overwhelming I have to say…

Find Your Happy is starting to be featured on blogs all around the world. It’s taking me a moment to digest all the attention. However, the positive feedback is really starting to add wind to my sail and reminding me I’m onto something.

Big love to the following sites who have featured a Find Your Happy basket on their blog this week:
I love making things. I always have. Making baskets for me isn’t a job, it’s what I do for fun and the whole practice for me is quite meditative. My day job is what makes me money and ensures there’s food on the table. While crafting baskets in front of the TV at night isn’t for money or recognition. It’s almost a must-do, non-negotiable act that I just have to do to unwind.

Before moving back to the country I didn’t have the time or head space to invest in making baskets for anyone else but myself. My designs were half-cut and only suitable in my eyes for display in the back of the cupboard.

For year’s the cupboard was not only where I hid my baskets but also my ideas. Now both things are out and about for the world to see and it’s exciting. This feels like the beginning of a new adventure and I love this part of any journey. The beginning is all about the unknown, the unforeseen and the unpredicted…I’m ready for the learning’s from this adventure. Bring it on.

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