Last week I attended a basketry workshop by Harriet Goodall out at Sophie Hansen’s Farm Kitchen. Firstly, if you haven’t ever enjoyed the process of making a basket book yourself into one of Harriet’s workshops. Secondly, if you’re planning a visit to Orange check yourself into an event out at the Farm Kitchen.

We were very spolit with tactile materials to make baskets with, glorious food to fill our bellies with, and beautiful scenery to invigorate our souls. The Farm Kitchen is part of Mandagery Creek Farm, nestled in the rolling hills west of Orange. It had snowed the night before so the morning drive out to the farm was spectacular.

Harriet led the class on a wonderful exploration into the random weave technique. A few of the final baskets are on display in the top left corner, while my little creation can be seen in the top right. I fell in love with using ‘old man’s beard’ as a finishing touch and have been busy researching how I can grow it. Turns out it isn’t very frost-friendly…so not ideal for Orange!

You’ll notice all the lovely antler pieces in the above photos which were sourced from the surrounding red deer farm. Check out the hanging antler light. This work was crafted by Sophie’s mum, Annie Herron and has pride of place in the middle of the Farm Kitchen. We were completely surrounded by beautiful forms wherever we turned.

It was wonderful to get hands on with natural materials again. As you would’ve seen most of my current baskets are made from industrial, man-made materials. It was such a buzz spending the whole day learning a new basketry technique and something I should indulge in more often!

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