Blog Love: Tractor Girl

I stumbled across a wonderful Australian blogger only a few weeks ago. Julie Gibbons, aka Tractor Girl who lives on a farm outside of Wagga Wagga. Her blog encapsulates her love for contemporary craft, photography, food and my very favourite, surface design!

I have found Tractor Girl to be a wide and varied resource for other designers and artists. Without Tractor Girl I may never have discovered the amazing work of photographer Nadine Boyd (WHP Photography), or surface designer Wiccked (pictured). Julie provides lovely insight into their work through her posts. I enjoy the overviews into the artist’s background and love the beautiful visuals accompanying her stories.

Julies also writes for the wonderful blog Handmadeology and is the maker of her very own eco-friendly homewares and accessories range. While also raising her children and keeping the farm in order – Julie must be one busy lady! Check out more about Julie’s work and get lost in her blog here.

Photo: Wiccked, Road Curves, Surface Design

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