During my op shopping adventures this week I found some relatively new cushion covers. They were completely plain and boring but I thought I might be able to inject some personality into them.

On my visit to the local fabric store I also stumbled into a room lined with felt samples. How had I missed this room before? Many years ago I experimented at uni with making felt. I’m constantly drawn to it’s texture and the way it feels in my hands.

I’m also a sucker for anything geometric. I love a curved line as much as anyone else, but when I draw my lines are straight and I create patterns from negative and positive spaces. I’m slightly obsessed with Islamic Art as well and only recently made the connection with my love of geometry on a recent visit to the Islamic Art museum in Kuala Lumpur (one of the finest Islamic Art Museums I’ve ever been too – if you’re into it you’ve got to go!).

From these experiences & loves this sweet cushion has been born. The best part is it totally works with my current lounge room overhaul. This cushion has taken pride of place smack bang on my favourite lounge. I think I might play some more with this idea…

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