Introducing my latest baskets from the second series of ‘Waste Paper Baskets’. These are further additions to the coiled junk mail basket collection.

As you would’ve seen from my previous post, baskets from this series were accepted into the Flannery Centre Art Prize. Continuing on from this series I have created an additonal set of baskets from the junk mail we receive in our mailbox everyday.

I have never lived in a town where we get so much junk mail before. I don’t know if it’s because we live so close to town, or if it’s because direct mail advertising is more effective in regional areas? Either way I’m always delighted to receive it, for very different reasons to everyone else no doubt.

I do enjoy making these baskets but they take much longer than any of my other styled baskets.

A number of pieces from this series are now available on the Find Your Happy Etsy store

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