Roped in Neon - Series #1

It’s true – I’ve been very slack at keeping the blog up to date with progress on my basket series… I guess it’s kind of a good thing that I’ve been too busy making to blog right? So today is the day. I’m striving to get all three of my latest projects on here and available for you to check out.

My latest experiments with rope have resulted in my first series of ‘Roped in Neon’. These baskets have been constructed from synthetic rope and cotton string. The original ropes were classified as safety ropes and incorporate silver reflectors. It makes for an attention grabbing piece when walking into the room. When the light is positioned a certain way the baskets actually glow.

Upcycling the ropes I have coiled them into baskets of different shapes and sizes. The main characteristic of this series is all the baskets turn out at the top. Until now the mjaority of my baskets have always turned in and hidden the inner construction.

I am constantly drawn into the latest neon craze. I think it dates back to my childhood growing up in the eighties. I remember everything being neon, that’s just how that decade rolled. I loved it.

A number of pieces from this series are now available on the Find Your Happy Etsy store

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