I stumbled across a great article in a previous edition of Inside Out magazine this weekend. It was all about contemporary designers embracing the concept of supercycling.

The Supercyclers website describes the concept as an ever growing international collective of designers focused in their practices on building a sustainable future into the products they create – transforming perceptions of waste materials and the way we use things in the process.

In the Inside Out magazine article they featured some great designers and pull quotes about their work. I’ve included my favourites below:

“I don’t think we should even be mentioning the term ‘recycle’, it should just be what happens – like ‘sustainability’, these words are over. It is important to use what we have, but not down-sell it by mentioning it’s eco-creditability. I like to re-use and make use of existing materials without people even realising that’s what I’m up to.”

“I like finding readily available discarded materials and transforming them in some way into something useful, valuable and precious. Much satisfaction can be gained by taking a supposedly worthless material in your hands and altering it in a way that gives it purpose again.”

“Why should recycled products look inferior? And why should old designs get thrown away when they can be upgraded? We need to add value to recycled material, because it’s not sustainable to use virgin materials all the time.”

Photo: Plastic Fantastic, check out more of their work here

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