I stumbled upon these wise words from Austin Kleon a few weeks ago. Just when I was teetering on the edge on whether to jump into the abyss and kick start this little project, or stay safe in the unknown.

Austin Kleon devised this little list when he was asked to talk to students about 10 things he wished he’d heard when he was first starting out. Following the talk, he blogged about his ideas and the concept went viral rocking the creative world.

One of the biggest things that holds me back artistically is the fear of being a copycat. Regardless of being trained at art school that nothing is original and that all great ideas only build on other great ideas, I have been crippled by the thought of my work replicating anyone else’s.

So rather than striving ahead with my creative ideas and experimentation, I have played safe. Contented by the knowledge that I can’t be accused of being a ‘copycat’ when my ideas exist only in my head.

These ten simple ‘commandments’ from Austin Kleon was the kick I needed to break free of this fear. Now here I am, about to share all my work with the world and so what if it turns out someone has explored the ideas before. Nothing is original.

Austin Kleon explains his concept of ‘Steal Like a Artist’ in his TEDx talk here

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