Accepted: Flannery Centre Art Prize

Well it appears my little baskets are making a comeback…

My second series of ‘Waste Paper Baskets’ has been accepted as a finalist in the inaugural Flannery Centre Art Prize.

Over a decade ago I made my first ‘Waste Paper Basket’. In my second year of art school we were exposed to some very talented basket makers including Nalda Searle and Virginia Kaiser. While the majority of my classmates were utilising New Zealand flax and vines to shape beautiful forms, I was busily twisting paper into long techni-coloured strands. My final submission was a set of coiled baskets made from junk mail aptly named ‘Waste Paper Baskets’.

Fortunately along with my new creative freedom has come the opportunity to pick up where I left off on the basket front. On a whim, I decided to enter the Flannery Centre Art Prize and am absolutely chuffed to have been accepted. My second series of ‘Waste Paper Baskets’ is  a big improvement on the first series. Not only has my technique become much more refined, but also my understanding of shape and form has greatly improved.

The art prize formally opened last week and will be on show until mid-August at the newly opened Flannery Centre in Bathurst. If you’re in the area, be sure to check it out. The new building is spectacular and there are some great pieces featured in the show. I really am so honoured to have my work featured alongside these great Australian artists.

Photo: Waste Paper Baskets, Series #2

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