This project has been a long time in the making. I think I’ve probably thought about this for over ten years, ever since my first day at art school. Now here I am finally making my first post…

I have long been a collector and maker of beautiful things. Not necessarily things anyone else finds beauty in, but objects which embody the potential of something else.

I have treasure hunted in charity, thrift, and op shops all over the world. I am the one who looks at ‘second-hand goods’ with an intrigue of not what it has been but what it could be. I pick up pieces of clothing and say if I just cut here, and sew here this will make a great dress. I touch paper and appreciate it’s texture and what it could become. I look at old bottles and jars, and think about how I can fill the void inside to give them a purpose again.

I get inspired by others who do the same. There are so many great artists and designers all around the world who breathe life into found objects. Creating magical, beautiful things that satisfy a dual purpose; to reduce waste and at the same time bring happy into someone else’s life.

Finding and making things is what makes me truly happy. When I am alone with just my thoughts, they always float away to the anticipation of the next op shop find or what I might create with today’s latest discovery. This is where I’ve found my happy. It’s now time for me to give my happy creative soul it’s own space to explore.

I hope by looking at the objects I make, or through the things I share with you on this blog that I can bring a little bit of happiness into your day as well.

Photo: Round She Goes, Pre-loved fashion market in Melbourne

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